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Maid of London's Policy

At Maid of London, we are committed to putting the above policy into effect at all times providing reliable and best-in-class cleaning services to our clients.

Product, Public & Employers Liability Insurance - Our comprehensive insurance policy includes cover for accidental/deliberate damages, theft, misuse of telephone, loss of keys and lock replacement. 


Health & Safety at Work - All our cleaners are briefed on COSHH practice and prevention as well as Health & Safety awareness and practices applicable to residential and commercial premises.  Wherever possible, we conduct a risk assessment for commercial customers and ensure that our cleaners are aware of any risks and take the correct precotions. Find out more » 

Environmental Awareness - We endeavour to use products that are only the best for your premises, whilst remaining environmentally friendly in our cleaning practices. 
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Staff Training & Product Usage - Prior to designating tasks, we train our staff on safe usage of cleaning products, cleaning procedures and environmental practises. 
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Quality Control -  All workers are carefully monitored and appraised by experienced supervisors for standard compliance and quality assurance purposes. 
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Confidentiality & Security - We ensure that all client details are kept confidential at all times. We take a variety of security measures to safeguard our all client’s confidentiality. Your cleaning person will not under any circumstances share any information regarding your premises or any other personal information. Furthermore all our cleaning staff are made aware of safe key-holding and take appropriate measure to secure your premises at all times.

Equal Opportunity - We treat all employees with dignity and respect and provide a working environment free from all discrimination. All our workers receive on-going training, appraisal and developmental support from experienced supervisors/managers. Maid of London is an equal opportunity employer. We ensure that all staff members are treated equally irrespective of their gender, marital status, race, colour or national origins. We have a fair selection and verification process and all employees are appointed, trained and promoted strictly on the basis of their skills and abilities. 



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