Hotel Cleaning & Housekeeping Services


Maid of London’s hotel cleaning and housekeeping service will ensure that your guests enjoy and experience a clean and comfortable environment when staying at your hotel. 

The primary role of Maid of London’s housekeepers is to thoroughly clean the guest rooms. Experienced (and English speaking) housekeepers will work closely with your front desk operations to communicate when rooms need cleaning/are clean and ready for guests to occupy. 

Our hotel cleaning and housekeeping service can also be tailored to maintain other areas of your property, such as public restrooms, convention spaces and offices. We can also manage the laundry operations, making sure all your linens, as well as employee uniforms are washed (off-site) and returned to you cleaned and packaged.


  Value for money -  You will receive a quality cleaning service with environmental cleaning practices implemented, motivated and friendly workforce, a fully insured service at a very competitive rate.

Staff - Our professional cleaners and housekeepers are trained, fully versed in Health and Safety procedures, fully briefed in COSHH practice and prevention and are thoroughly screened and documents validated.

Environmental Impact - We promote environmentally friendly practices and all cleaning products are eco-friendly and made from sustainable sources, staff are trained in environmentally friendly cleaning practices and are encouraged to undertake their duties in an energy efficient manner.


There are many distinct advantages of hiring professional cleaners and housekeepers to maintain the cleanliness of your premises so that you can focus on other areas of the business. Let Maid of London assist you in exceeding and maintaining the standard of cleanliness so that your guest can return to enjoy their stay in a clean and comfortable environment.



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