Regular Maid Service – Standard house cleaning service


A regular maid / domestic cleaning service will provide a good level of cleanliness around the house or apartment; the duties of a regular maid typically include:

  1. »  General cleaning of the interior of your property  
    »  Vacuuming, mopping, tidying up, dusting, changing bed linen etc.
  2. »  You can always request your regular maid to carry out additional / specific tasks
  3. »  Your regular maid is not able to provide ironning or laundry - if you need ironing and laundry as part of your weekly cleaning then please see our Premium Housekeeping Service 

You will get a regular, timely and hassle free house cleaning service. Once we have arranged a regular maid for you, the same person will be designated for your home cleaning needs.  For your peace of mind, all of our cleaners are personally interviewed, carefully vetted before they are contracted and they fully insured under our company policy. Contact us with your home cleaning requirements and we will carefully select one of our experienced local cleaners that will suit your requirements. 


Price - The hourly rate for regular maid service is £14.50  (that's inclusive of your cleaner's pay, our fee and VAT). 

Next Step - to book your regular maid service click here or call us on 020 3538 6996