Cleaners / housekeepers are permitted to continue work during the National Lockdown 2021   



As per privious COVID restrictions and lockdowns the government has confirmed that home workers including cleaners and tradespeople are allowed to continue working during the National Lockdown Janauray 2021 : 
"Where it is necessary for you to work in other people's homes - for example, for nannies, cleaners or tradespeople - you can do so


Peace of mind - We've taken necessary steps to continue operating with enhanced safety precautions to ensure both our customers and housekeepers are safe during these times.  In addition to the government safety advice, we have offered our cleaners / housekeepers training on enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures.

As before, we are asking our housekeepers and customers to take all reasonable steps to maintain the required social distance during cleaning operations.  Cleans will be rescheduled in the event of a customer or a housekeeper being advised to self-isolate or showing any coronavirus symptoms.


Stay safe and thank you for being a valued member of Maid of London.

Resuming Service – Government is actively encouraging cleaning work to continue       


Dear customers,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

As the government is now actively encouraging cleaning work to continue, we wanted to let you know that all our services are fully operational. We are continuing to work alongside government health and safety guidelines to deliver our services safely. A clean home or work space can be an essential part of preventing the spread of Covid-19. In order to uphold the exceptional housekeeping service, we’d like to remind our customers to follow these guidelines:

General guideline:

  1. – Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with warm soapy water to avoid the spread of germs
  2. – Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  3. – Disinfect frequently touched objects, surfaces and floors using a disinfectant detergent
  4. – If you or members of your household feel unwell or show any Covid-19 symptoms, please reschedule or cancel your cleaning

On the day of the cleaning:

  1. – Your housekeeper will arrive with a set of disposable gloves and mask
  2. – Please have all the cleaning detergents ready – please ensure you are fully stocked in advance
  3. – Please provide disinfectant detergents such as Dettol spray and antibacterial wipes
  4. – If possible, keep the house ventilated by opening the windows before and during the cleaning sessions
  5. – At all times minimise personal contact by staying in a separate room or leave the house during the cleaning. This will ensure the housekeeper thoroughly cleans and disinfects the house without disruption

We’ve provided the above as well as additional guidance to all housekeepers.

As always, we’re here for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Stay safe and thank you for being a valued member of Maid of London.




Covid 19 - Added Safety Provisions        


Following the latest government announcement, we wanted to inform you that we've taken necessary steps to continue operating with added safety provisions to ensure both our customers and housekeepers keep safe during these times.
How are we ensuring safety?

  1. Customers can pause their account if they no longer want cleans (with the option to continue paying their housekeeper)

  2. Housekeepers can instantly book time off if they don't want to work or feel unsafe

  3. We’re asking housekeepers to reschedule their clean if they are showing signs or have contracted Covid-19 following NHS advice

  4. We’re asking customers to skip their cleans if they’re unwell or self-isolating

We’ve advised housekeepers to take extra precautions:

  1. We've asked housekeepers and advice customers to avoid physical greetings

  2. Maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times, otherwise, we're asking customers to skip their cleaning visits if this isn't possible

  3. We’ve asked housekeepers to bring extra cleaning gloves, extra shoes, hand sanitiser / (masks if possible/available)

  4. We’ve asked housekeepers to remove their shoes or wear shoe covers

  5. To spend extra time on cleaning high-contact items such as handles, taps, switches

  6. To change dirty water even more frequently

  7. To change cleaning cloths, mops more frequently but if possible/available use disposable cloths/tissues and mops

  8. Ensure all materials used are washed at a temperature of 60°C

  9. Surfaces should be cleaned using regular cleaning products, then disinfected using a product that 'kills 99.9% of germs' such as Dettol antibacterial spray 

  10. To open windows where possible for ventilation

  11. To wash hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water

  12. To catch coughs and sneezes with disposable paper towels and to dispose of them immediately. When this isn’t possible, to cough and sneeze into their elbows to avoid infecting others

What can you do to help your housekeeper during this time?

  1. If you are able to provide disinfectant products and extra gloves please do so.

  2. If you do not wish to have a your housekeeper attend during this period please consider continuing to pay her (through Maid of London, as you are currently doing but without the agency fee). This will ensure your housekeeper still has regular income in these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. As always, we’re here for you. Stay safe and thank you for being a valued member of Maid of London.



Maid of London - A Message on Coronavirus       



Amid the developing situation of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to take the time to reassure all our customer and partners of the actions we are taking.

The health and safety of our customers, partners and our housekeeping team is our utmost priority. We are following government guidelines and working hard to ensure we provide the best service to you during this period.


All our housekeepers have been requested to take the following precautions:

  1. If they feel unwell and showing any flu-like symptoms, they must inform us immediately; we will ask them to self-isolate for at least 7-14 days and follow the government advice on medical care

  2. To ensure they are keeping well and on route to recovery, we will check-in on them via phone / video call and provide them with the support needed

  3. We have reinforced the importance of hand washing before, after and during cleans, wearing rubber gloves during cleans and offering guidance of best practice during cleans

  4. We have asked the housekeepers to maintain distance when working with customers

  5. We have advised our housekeepers to regularly check the latest public health guidance


We would appreciate our customers and partners support during this period. Please inform us immediately if you have any flu-like symptoms as we will need to temporarily suspend the clean during this time to minimise any risk.

We understand keeping a clean home is an absolute priority during these difficult times and we are working hard to ensure we have got able and qualified  housekeepers on demand as well as supplies such as disinfectant, gloves and masks.


Office hours:

Our office staff will be working remotely but we will be operating usual business hours. All meetings and interviews scheduled at the office will need to be postponed or conducted over video call.  We will continue to follow direction given by the government and will take the necessary action to protect the health of our customers and our housekeeping team.

As always, we’re here for you. Stay safe and thank you for being a valued member of Maid of London.