Keeping Up Your Airbnb During The Coronavirus Outbreak


The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe and abroad has made many people wary to travel.  Despite this fact, many of those who do travel are choosing to stay at Airbnb rather than in crowded hotels.  For Airbnb owners who make a large portion of their income renting out their home or apartment, it’s important to keep your Airbnb competitive to attract those who may be wary of coronavirus.  Here are a few tips:


Keep up regular and deep cleans of your rental property

Nothing makes people more germ-conscious than a pandemic.  Hiring a housekeeping company with impeccable attention to detail is imperative to avoid scaring off customers.  Carry out additional deep cleans and sanitizing jobs before, during and after rentals.  The more clean and tidy your Airbnb is when new guests come into it, the safer they’ll feel staying in your property.


Emphasize your cleaning crew

If you’re spending a decent amount of money on housekeeping, you may as well make the most of it.  Prominently display the housekeeping company you use on your Airbnb listing and the company’s measures and action on coronavirus.  If customers can look at their website and see that they’re a well-reviewed, ethical and a responsible company, they’ll have an extra incentive to choose your listing.  For an added touch, you can even put out a display card detailing which member of the crew cleaned the residence each time it gets cleaned.


Supply them with amenities

Everyone is rationing on hand soaps and hand sanitizers to avoid getting infected with coronavirus.  By providing your guests with a complimentary (and plentiful) supply of hand sanitizer and hand soap in your home, you’ll give them one less thing to worry about.

It’s tough to run an Airbnb when coronavirus is negatively impacting the travel economy.  However, with a few tips and an emphasis on good housekeeping, you’ll be sure to keep your business up and running.


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A message on Coronavirus

Amid the developing situation of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to take the time to reassure all our customer and partners of the actions we are taking.
The health and safety of our customers, partners and our housekeeping team is our utmost priority. We are following government guidelines and working hard to ensure we provide the best service to you during this period.


All our housekeepers have been requested to take the following precautions:

  • If they feel unwell and showing any flu-like symptoms, they must inform us immediately; we will ask them to self-isolate for at least 7-14 days and follow the government advice on medical care
  • To ensure they are keeping well and on route to recovery, we will check-in on them via phone / video call and provide them with the support needed
  • We have reinforced the importance of hand washing before, after and during cleans, wearing rubber gloves during cleans and offering guidance of best practice during cleans
  • We have asked the housekeepers to maintain distance when working with customers
  • We have advised our housekeepers to regularly check the latest public health guidance


We would appreciate our customers and partners support during this period. Please inform us immediately if you have any flu-like symptoms as we will need to temporarily suspend the clean during this time to minimise any risk.

We understand keeping a clean home is an absolute priority during these difficult times and we are working hard to ensure we have got able and qualified  housekeepers on demand as well as supplies such as disinfectant, gloves and masks.


Office hours:

Our office staff will be working remotely but we will be operating usual business hours. All meetings and interviews scheduled at the office will need to be postponed or conducted over video call.

We will continue to follow direction given by the government and will take the necessary action to protect the health of our customers and our housekeeping team.


Kind regards,
Maid of London



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How to Clean Your Home and Workplace to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus


Are you concerned about coronavirus right now? You’re not alone! People are stocking up on all sorts but particularly on hand sanitiser in case the outbreak affects them or someone they know. But there are some things that are within your control. To prevent the spread of coronavirus in your home or business, you can keep things disinfected and clean.

Read on to find out how you can clean, disinfect, and sanitise your way to a healthier home or place of business.


Where to Clean

The most important areas to clean are places that people touch frequently. Disinfect doorknobs, buttons, light switches, water fountains, banisters, etc. You should take extra care when cleaning food preparation areas and bathrooms and toilets. Electronics like your phone and laptop carry tons of bacteria. Make sure you’re cleaning and sanitising those as well.

Don’t forget about seating areas like desks, tables, and other movable furniture. When it comes to floors try using a steam cleaner if possible otherwise a wet mop with disinfectant and a disposable mop-head is a great way to clean hard floors.


Guidelines for Effective Cleaning

A lot of people don’t clean their homes or businesses often enough. Right now, you need to clean daily to prevent the virus from spreading. As a general guideline, the more people that are touching a surface, the more frequently you should be cleaning it.

Effective cleaning is a two-step process. First you remove germs then you disinfect, which means you use chemicals to kill germs. You can use commercial disinfecting products like wipes or antimicrobial cleaners. You should use a product that contains at least 70% alcohol to make sure you’re killing the most germs to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Protect Yourself While Cleaning

You should always wash your hands before and after cleaning to get rid of any germs you could have picked up in the process. Wear disposable gloves for extra protection from bacteria and germs. You may also want to wear safety glasses. Once you’re done using your gloves, dispose of them and wash your hands thoroughly.

Make sure that you’re adhering to any instructions that are specific to your chosen cleaning supplies. For example, some cleaning solutions need to sit for a few minutes before you wipe them down. With some extra strong cleaners, you need to ventilate the room you’re cleaning.


Use Hot Water for Washing Clothes

Viruses and bacteria don’t just live in the germs around your house. They live on your clothing. Now is not a time to skimp on your laundry habits. Regularly washing your clothes, towels and bedlinen will also help keep you safe at home from all sorts of bugs, bacteria and viruses. You should wash your clothing on the warmest setting to kill bacteria. Don’t forget to also regularly wash your laundry bag.


Hire a Professional Cleaning Service in London for Extra protection

A clean environment is a safe environment. If you want the professionals to handle the cleaning in your home or business, contact Maid of London. With our expertise in cleaning service, you can feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself, your employees, and your loved ones.


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Tips For Cleaning Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors are popular in commercial buildings, retail properties as well as in residential homes. The life span of these floors will depend on the quality of the wood and will also depend on how well you are able to maintain the floor. Flooring maintenance is really the process of keeping the floor squeaky clean and preventing damage that can degrade the wood or its finish.

Tips For Preventing Damage:
1. Damaging the floor during the cleaning - You will find it helpful to pick up and place out of the way objects that interfere with your cleaning. Damage occurs when items such as furniture are dragged on the surface of the wood, so either place them well away or go around them.

2Use furniture pads and lots of them – Heavy objects that are allowed to have direct contact with the wood can cause damage after a few months or years. Using furniture pads can reduce this.

3Protect from the rain and from the sun – Rain is very common across all year round and sunshine when we are lucky… When coming into contact with wood floors, wetness can ruin the finish of the floor by penetrating the wood and staining it. Direct sunlight can degrade the finish and can be avoided by using blinds.

Tips For Cleaning Wooden Floors:
4Brush the entire surface – Using a domestic broom or a dust mop brush the entire length of the floor. You may also hover the floor, provided you are using a soft extension. This will remove sand, grit and dirt fragments which when coming into contact with pressure (such as from the sole of a shoe) can scratch the floor.

5Never use water - Wood and water won’t mix well. You should avoid drenching the floor in water (unless it was treated with polyurethane). Instead, use a damp cloth which has been very slightly soaked in warn water and cover the length of the floor. This process should be repeated again for a more comprehensive result.

6. Wood flooring cleaner – Once a month, repeat step four however this time add a mild wood cleaning solution to the warn water. Apply the cleaner to the floor in the direction of the grain and make sure that the room is well ventilated.

If you have a large surface to cover, you should consider hiring a professional domestic cleaning service. There are a few optional steps which are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes you to clean the floor. Here are a few examples:

7Use doorway rugs – These are designed to trap sand and dirt from accumulating on the floor. Use them in every entrance to the room.

8Quickly clean spills – Foot tracks and spills can require a lot of effort to remove if left to dry. Clean them as they happen.

9Use penetrating oil wisely – You may decide to re-coat the floor every two years to rejuvenate its look. When doing so, bear in mind that until the oil has dried up completely dust, sand and grit can easily stick to the floor.


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Three Methods To Clean Household Silver Items

Over time silver that has not been cleaned will lose its glow and shine until it eventually tarnish. These black and brown patches (often referred to as tarnish) are formed on the silver surface when it interacts with sulphur in the air. While tarnish discolours the surface of silver, it does not damage the metal, which is important to note.
In this blog post we will discuss several methods of cleaning silver, some suitable for small items and some for your bigger items.
Backing Soda:
The first method and the most automated (in that it requires less physical work) uses the acidic ingredients in backing soda to remove tarnish. It is extremely effective, but limited in the size of silver items you can clean in this way.

  • Start by padding the inside of a large pan or bowl using thin foil until the entire surface and edges of the pan are padded.
  • Place one tablespoon of backing soda, one tablespoon of salt and warm (not boiling) water inside the pan.
  • Mix the ingredients until the salt and backing soda had dissolved (the mix will bubble slightly, don’t panic, that is absolutely common).
  • Put the silver item or items in the pan taking care that each item makes contact with the thin foil. Within a few minutes, the silver should react well to the mix and the tarnish removed.
  • For more stubborn tarnish, you might wish to slightly brush the surface to help the solution do its job.
  • Finally, dry using a micro fibre cloth.


Brush and Toothpaste:
This is an old trick used to clean delicate silver jewellery, but it can be used on bigger silver items as well.

  • Gently brush the item in a back and forth motion using a brush and rinse with water. Even the most persistent tarnish is no match for toothpaste.
  • Finally, using formulated polish designed to clean silver, give the silver a once over.
  • Toothpaste can be used to clean tarnish, but formulated polish should be used in conjunction.


Silver Polish:
Used to clean any size silver, using back and fourth method, a slightly moist cloth is used to clean tarnish. Be careful not to clean in a circular motion as it might damage the item by scratching the silver.

  • Start by placing dedicated silver polish on a micro fibre cloth and rub the silver in a straight line.
  • Take as much time as you need until you see the glow coming back to the silver.
  • Rinse the item under the tap and dry it. If rinsing small items over the kitchen sink, be sure to plug the sink before you start rinsing.

Use one of the three methods above to clean your silver. To reduce the time and frequency it takes you each time, clean your silver often. Furthermore, before storing your silver gain, make sure it is completely dry.


For more information about our home cleaning services contact us on 020 3538 6996


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The Simple Christmas Clear Up Plan


Many of us find clearing away the remnants of Christmas a sad chore with all the festivities over and a long, cold month ahead, so having a quick and simple clearing up plan can help prevent this miserable chore from becoming unnecessarily arduous and drawn out.


The Tree

The tree is the best place to start your clear down as this always takes quite a bit of time. Remove all the decorations and lay them on the carpet whilst you tackle the lights. Gather up several empty boxes and some old sheets of wrapping paper and pack each box with the baubles and decorations placing the paper between each layer to protect them. Coil the lights and place them in a separate box and label all boxes accordingly. If the tree is artificial then dismantle and pack back into its box and if it’s real take it out into the back garden wrapped in black bags to prevent too many needles from dropping.


Paper Decorations And Cards

All unwanted paper decorations and Christmas cards can be recycled or the cards can be put aside to be made into tags for next year.


Greenery, Swags And Wreaths

Rather than binning all that decorative greenery it makes far more sense to compost it. The items can either be added to your garden compost heap or put in your brown bin or if you have a real fire then, once the greenery is dried out, it can be burnt to give off a lovely pungent scent.


Wipe Down And Vacuum

Once your home has be de-christmassed take a damp cloth and wipe over the areas where the greenery lay as cut fir and spruce will often seep sap then dust through to remove Christmas crumbs and stray needles before thoroughly vacuuming. Remember to vacuum underneath all the furniture as no doubt there will be the odd Quality Street wrapper or cracker joke lurking.


Have a Wonderful New Year from everyone at Maid of London


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Housekeeping Service for your Homes & Business

A housekeeping service provider can assist you in providing a more manageable and cleaner environment for your home or business.
If you are in need of housekeeping service for your home, you would generally need to decide what tasks you require to be done around the house and whether you would need someone on part time or full time basis. Tasks can range from deep cleaning to laundry and ironing to cooking, dog walking and even PA service.

You can find experienced candidates from reputable agencies that will meet all of your needs, and many are flexible enough to fit in with the hours you require. Housekeeping service can provide a much healthier, cleaner setting for you and your family giving you more time to focus on other things.

Housekeeping service is also ideal for small businesses with guest accommodations or properties in one or more locations. A housekeeper will ensure that all your guest and visitors rooms are properly attended to with special attention to detail; such as, bedding pressed and neatly made, flowers arranged, floors and worktops polished and bathroom towels and toiletries perfectly arranged.

Housekeeping can also be extended to maintain and clean your office building; making sure that your work environment stays clean and your building portrays a first class image to your customers and visitors.  Many people only conduct business if the location is immaculately kept and radiates cleanliness. With housekeeping service, this is very possible, and you can now find providers that can work with you consistently to keep your premises immaculate.


Maid of London – Housekeeping Services in London Tel 020 3538 6996


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The advantages of hiring professional cleaners.

Whether you run a business or a private household you will know that the demands of thoroughly cleaning your premises can build up and sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of those demands.  Naturally a business will already have a cleaner in place but there will be aspects that aren’t always covered, this is true whether you run

a business premises or domestic household and, through no one’s fault, these aspects will gradually become a point of worry.Perhaps it’s time you considered a professional
cleaning company.
There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company and I will outline just a few of them below.
• Training. Staff are highly trained to undertake the correct cleaning procedures, using the correct cleaning products and equipment safely and efficiently. All staff will receive regular refresher courses and training updates.

• Health and safety. All the cleaning company’s staff will be fully aware of Health and Safety regulations and adhere to those stipulations at all times whilst carrying out their duties.

• COSHH. Every member of the workforce will be fully briefed in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) practice and prevention.

• DBS checked. You will generally find that most cleaning staff have been police checked, especially if they are required to clean nurseries, schools or medical centres. But if it is something that you feel is a strong requirement then you can ask the company to put their staff through DBS checks if they haven’t done so already.

• High tech equipment. The use of high tech equipment, much more powerful than regular cleaning equipment, ensures a thorough, deep down clean with the removal of a much larger amount of harmful allergens and dust mites.

• Value for money. There are some superb contract cleaning companies that offer real value for money, giving your home or business premises a complete, thorough clean, for a very reasonable price.

• Flexibility. A professional cleaning company will be able to fit their services around your specific requirements so as not to interrupt your working or household routine.

• Reliability. With a professional cleaning company you know you have reliability. They will always make sure there are adequate staff to handle the tasks required and can arrange set schedules and programmes so you know exactly when they will arrive and exactly what they will be doing.

• Attention to detail. Professional cleaning staff are trained to pay attention to the finer details as well as the larger tasks and will ensure that every aspect of your working or domestic environment is taken care of.

• Complete clean service. Many cleaning companies also offer a ‘complete clean service’ which would involve the exterior of your premises as well as the interior. You can expect every aspect of the cleaning to be covered with this specialist programme, from hardwood floor polishing, exterior wall wash-down, interior and exterior window cleaning and a thorough tidy up of your outdoor area.
If you found this article interesting or if you would like to know more about our cleaning services please email us.


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The Toilet Seat or the Kitchen Sink?

Which do you think is cleaner, the toilet seat or the kitchen sink?
This may seem like an obvious question, it’s bound to be the kitchen sink isn’t it?
Actually, no. Believe it or not it is safer to eat your dinner off the toilet seat than it is to eat your dinner out of the kitchen sink.
There are several reasons for this startling fact.
Firstly, because of its purpose, people tend to clean both the toilet and the rest of the bathroom far more thoroughly than they do the kitchen sink and draining area.
The toilet is generally cleaned with a strong, germ killing agent such as bleach or disinfectant which instantly minimises the bacteria. However, a kitchen sink is nearly always in use, whether it’s for washing dishes, scrubbing spuds and peeling veg or even hand-washing those delicates, so this much relied on kitchen essential tends only to get a quick wipe over every now and again and not a thorough going over like our toilets.
Your kitchen sink may look clean on inspection but bacteria quite literally thrive in some of the harder to reach areas such as the drain, the overflow, the base of the taps and even on the plug.
• To bring your kitchen sink back up to the high standards of your toilet fill with hot water, add a capful of strong disinfectant and leave to soak.

• Whilst the inside of the sink is being disinfected take a toothbrush dipped in neat disinfectant and scrub around the base of the taps and the entrance to the overflow.

• Use a clean cloth dipped in disinfectant to wipe the draining board and, if need be, a small scrubbing brush or nailbrush to remove any stubborn stains or dried food.

• When the water in the sink has cooled pull out the plug and use the toothbrush with a drop more disinfectant to scrub around the drain and the underside of the plug.

• Finally, use a clean, dry tea-towel or cloth to dry.


For all your home cleaning needs call us today on 020 3538 6996 and we’d be happy to help you.


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Improve the Appearance of Your Store – Retail Cleaning

If your business needs to meet high industry standards by providing excellent products in a clean, appealing environment, retail contract cleaning can allow you to establish a positive connection between your business and your customers. Each customer assesses a business based on a number of factors, one being how clean, tidy, and organised the business or store is, so if your business is in need of trained professionals to provide you with high quality retail cleaning, you will be able to find a number of providers to suit your needs.

Retail or department store cleaning can involve anything that you need done for your business including waste removal, hard-floor polishing and carpet cleaning, front-store window cleaning, and many other important cleaning processes. Once you have decided that your business needs professional cleaning assistance, you can begin to plan the procedures that will be used to keep your business in peak form.


One of the most common places where dust, dirt, and other trash settles is the fitting rooms, and since this is the place where your customers will be deciding if they want to purchase your product, it is very important to keep your fitting rooms in pristine condition. Showing your customers that you can keep your premises clean shows that you handle and treat your clothes or other products properly, and it will help form a better environment and experience for your customers because they can feel comfortable shopping in your store.


Retail cleaning offers a variety of benefits to the commercial business owner and it is very reasonable to acquire such cleaning services for your premises. You can work with a qualified contractor to assist you in detailing the exact cleaning services that you need on the timeline that you establish.


A professional and experienced Retail Department Cleaning contractor can keep your store or business in immaculate condition.

Maid of London – Retail Cleaning Services – Call today on 020 3538 6996

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