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Shredding and Recycling Service

Maid of London offer a complete shredding service with the convenience of either on-site or off-site shredding and secure containers and bins for businesses of any size. All shredded documentation ends up in confetti form which can, in no way, be pieced back together or read. The waste is then transported, by us, to a recycling plant where it is processed.

We also offer a range of recycling services and products including:

Recycling Containers and Bins
Recycling services for:
Aluminium cans
Non-confidential papers and documents
Plastic bottles
Glass bottles
Plastic cups

The benefits of recycling in the workplace.
• Demonstrates good business ethics by doing your bit for the environment.
• Significantly reduces your waste disposal service costs.
• Shows the amount of waste your business  is capable of recycling.
• Encourages full staff participation.
• Involves everyone in the workplace in an activity that is both positive and practical.

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Paper Shredding & Confidential Waste Shredding
Security. With Identity Theft on the increase it is paramount that all confidential documentation, records, whether personal or business related, and any other form of confidential information are disposed of in a safe and secure manner.
It doesn’t take a lot of work for an identity thief to find out all your personal or business details just through a name or part of an address or account number and many identity thieves use paper documentation more than electronic means. These days, due to easy accessibility.Our shredding service guarantees safe and total destruction of all your personal and confidential materials, safe guarding your business, staff and clients or customers.

Compliance. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are now required, by law, to ensure complete confidentiality of any individual’s personal data, which includes both computer records and paper documentation. 
All businesses are expected to take appropriate measures against loss or damage, whether deliberate or accidental, to personal information to safe guard against the unlawful or unauthorised processing of confidential material. 
The safest and recommended form of disposal is shredding. Ensuring full destruction of records and documents and complete compliance with all the regulations that apply to your particular business.

Save money and time. You may feel a shredding service is not a necessity for your business, perhaps you already have an office shredder in situ.
However, office shredders can be costly in both running costs and maintenance, produce excess dust that, in turn, pollutes the air your office workers or colleagues are breathing and are noisy, causing distraction and the inability for your staff to concentrate on the task at hand.

Office shredders also take up valuable man power and can take a member of your staff up to 5 hours to shred around 50lbs of paper documentation when our shredding service can complete the same task within minutes, noise and dust free, at a much lower cost to your budget and allowing your staff to get on with something more conducive to your business.

What to shred:

      • Medical records          • Supplier information                              
  • Legal contracts   • Customer lists
  • Payroll information   • Corporate records
  • Treatment programmes   • Strategies
  • New product information                               

Environmental impact. All of our shredded material goes to a recycling plant where it is processed and turned into other paper products.

Shredding and the small business. Even if you are a small business you will still have plenty of confidential papers and records that will need secure disposal. Maid of London can provide you with a flexible shredding service that will fit your requirements.

Shredding and the larger business. Naturally, with a large business, their will be a large amount of confidential material that will need to be disposed of in a safe manner. Maid of London can provide you with a choice of shredding options and the added convenience of an on-site or off-site shredding service.We offer excellent value for money and can cover virtually every business sector.

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