Customer Care – We get to know our customers 


We assess each customers’ needs and objectives independently as we understand that no two settings are the same, yet each requires its own brand of excellence.  We’ll match you with the right housekeeper from the start – however, you can always request to change your housekeeper as we want you to be completely happy.


We encourage customers to accept for the Head Housekeeper (supervisor) visits as this will ensure that all your housekeeping requirements are being met and any issues are dealt with promptly. 

Complaints – this gives us the chance to find out where we / housekeeper have gone wrong, acknowledge the issues and correct them as quickly as possible.  We keep regular contact with our customers for feedback, as this enables us to continuously improve the service.

A dedicated accounts manager – Our team is always happy to support you and offer all the information you need. As a recurring customer, you will have one dedicated person responsible for the management of your account that you can rely on for all your queries.